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Workpackage 6: Statistical Roadmap and Statistical Implementation Plan of EU KLEMS Database (36 months)


  • Develop Statistical Roadmap which provides guidance for data collection, methodological and data research.
  • Develop Statistical Implementation plan that
      (1) investigates possibilities to implement statistical and analytical modules of the EU KLEMS Productivity Database following finalisation of the project in official statistical practice.
    (2) Develops plan for future integration of statistical and analytical modules, in relation to forthcoming revisions of UN System of National Accounts.
    (3) Develops plan for integration of industry and micro firm level data.

    Description of work
    To guarantee consistency across countries and over time, definitions, concepts and data collection procedures will be set out by the data co-ordination group in co-operation with consortium members, and in consultation with Eurostat, NSIís and OECD. These will be included in a Statistical Roadmap, together with agreements on publication schedules of the data, quality control and property rights.

    On the basis of the results achieved in filling and completing the EU KLEMS Productivity Database a considerable effort is needed to consider how the database can be continued following the finalization of the project.

    Concerning the statistical module full implementation in official statistics needs to be considered, in close consultation with Eurostat and NSIís. To ensure consistency with and coverage of non-EU countries in the statistical module, coordination with OECD will be required. Experiences from the U.S. programme on New Architecture for the U.S. National Accounts may also be useful.

    Concerning the analytical module, implementation will also be discussed with Eurostat, NSIís and OECD. A grading system for various type of information in the analytical module will be applied. An agenda for further integration of components of the analytical and statistical module will be developed.

    Investigate possibilities for implementation of micro-firm level data as an input in the KLEMS database (see WP10).

    Primary Contact
    Bart van Ark, University of Groningen, Groningen Growth and Development Centre


  • -Bart van Ark, Third Statistical Progress Report (Deliverable 16c), 15 August 2006
  • -Bart van Ark, Second Statistical Progress Report (Deliverable 16b), 15 October 2005
  • -Final Statistical Roadmap (Deliverable 2b), 12 October 2005
  • -Draft Statistical Roadmap (Deliverable 2a), 15 April 2005
  • -Appendix 2 to deliverable 2a
  • -Appendix 3 to deliverable 2a
  • -Bart van Ark, First Statistical Progress Report (Deliverable 16a), 15 April 2005
  • Feedback

  • -Feedback of NSIs
  • Country Questionnaires WP 1,2 and 3

    All files are password protected.
  • -Austria (WIFO)
  • -Belgium (FPB)
  • -Denmark (CEBR)
  • -Eastern Europe (WIIW)
  • -Finland (HSE)
  • -France (CEPII)
  • -Germany (DIW)
  • -Italy (ISAE)
  • -Netherlands (CPB-CBS) (update 17-2)
  • -Spain (IVIE)
  • -UK (NIESR)

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    This project is funded by the European Commission, Research Directorate General as part of the 6th Framework Programme, Priority 8, "Policy Support and Anticipating Scientific and Technological Needs".

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