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EU KLEMS Working Paper Series

No. 1 Mas, Matilde and Javier Quesada (2005), ICT and Economic Growth in Spain 1985-2002 brief contents
No. 2 Jalava, Jukka (2005), Growth and Productivity in the Finnish Trade Industry, 1975-2003: A National Comparative Perspective brief contents
No. 3 Milana, Carlo (2005), The Theory of Exact and Superlative Index Numbers Revisited brief contents
No. 4 Jalava, Jukka, Matti Pohjola, Antti Ripatti and Jouko Vilmunen (2005), Biased Technical Change and Capital-labour Substitution in Finland, 1902-2003 brief contents
No. 5 Oulton, Nicholas (2005), Ex Post versus Ex Ante Measures of the User Cost of Capital brief contents
No. 6 Görzig, Bernd, Martin Gornig and Axel Werwatz (2005), Firm Specific Wage Spread in Germany - Decomposition of regional differences in inter firm wage dispersion brief contents
No. 7 van Ark, Bart and Robert Inklaar (2005), Catching Up of Getting Stuck? Europe's Problems to Exploit ICT's Productivity Potential brief contents
No. 8 Aulin-Ahmavaara, Pirkko, and Perttu Pakarinen (2005), Industry Level and Aggregate Measures of Productivity Growth with Explicit Treatment of Taxes on Products brief contents
No. 9 Corrado, Carol, Paul Lengermann, Eric J. Bartelsman, and J. Joseph Beaulieu (2006), Modeling Aggregate Productivity at a Disaggregate Level: New results for U.S. sectors and industries brief contents
No. 10 Ypma, Gerard and Bart van Ark (2006), Employment and Hours Worked in National Accounts: A Producer’s View on Methods and a User’s View on Applicability brief contents
No. 11 Milana, Carlo (2006), Measurement Problems with Non-Invariant Economic Index Numbers of Outputs, Inputs, and Productivity: The Case of Italy brief contents
No. 12 Mas, Matilde (2006), Infrastructures and ICT: Measurement Issues and Impact on Economic Growth brief contents
No. 13 Biatour, Bernadette, Geert Bryon and Chantal Kegels (2007), Capital Services and Total Factor Productivity Measurements: Impact of Various Methodologies for Belgium brief contents
No. 14 Avonds, Luc, Caroline Hambÿe and Bernhard Michel (2007), Supply and Use Tables for Belgium 1995-2002: Methodology of Compilation brief contents
No. 15 Biatour, Bernadette, Jeroen Fiers, Chantal Kegels and Bernhard Michel (2007), Growth and Productivity in Belgium brief contents
No. 16 Timmer, Marcel P., Gerard Ypma and Bart van Ark (2007), PPPs for Industry Output: A New Dataset for International Comparisons brief contents
No. 17 Goerzig, Bernd (2007), Depreciation in EU Member States: Empirical and Methodological Differences brief contents
No. 18 Fukao, Kyoji and Tsutomu Miyagawa (2007), Productivity in Japan, the US, and the Major EU Economies: Is Japan Falling Behind? brief contents
No. 19 Broersma, Lourens (2008), Productivity-Participation Trade-Off: Europe versus Anglo-Saxon countries brief contents
No. 20 Broersma, Lourens (2008), Differences in Unemployment by Educational Attainment in the US and Europe: What Role for Skill-Bias Technological Change and Institutions? brief contents
No. 21 Kegels, Chantal, Michael Peneder, Henry van der Wiel (2008) Productivity performance in three small European countries: Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands brief contents
No. 22 Inklaar, Robert and Michael Koetter (2008) Financial Dependence and Industry Growth in Europe: Better Banks and Higher Productivity brief contents
No. 23 Fernández Vázquez, Esteban and Bart Los (2008) Addressing Keller’s Critique: More on the Identification of Productive Technology Spillovers brief contents
No. 24 Erumban, Abdul Azeez (2008) Innovation, Obsolescence and Retirement: An Exploration Based on Data for Dutch Manufacturing Firms brief contents
No. 25 Erumban, Abdul Azeez (2008) Capital Aggregation and Growth Accounting: A Sensitivity Analysis brief contents
No. 26 Inklaar, Robert (2008) The Sensitivity of Capital Services Measurement: Measure all assets and the cost of capital brief contents
No. 27 Basu, Susanto, Robert Inklaar and J. Christina Wang (2008) The Value of Risk: Measuring the Service Output of U.S. Commercial Banks brief contents
No. 28 Peneder, Michael (2008) Entrepreneurship, technological regimes, and productivity growth: Integrated taxonomies of firms and sectors brief contents
No. 29 Kangasniemi, Mari and Catherine Robinson (2008) The impact of organisational change on productivity. Sectoral evidence from the UK, 1995-2005 brief contents
No. 30 Kangasniemi, Mari, Matilde Mas, Catherine Robinson and Lorenzo Serrano (2008) The Economic Impact of Migration – Productivity Analysis for Spain and the UK brief contents
No. 31 Kratena, Kurt (2008) International Outsourcing and the Demand for Skills brief contents
No. 32 Görzig, Bernd, Martin Gornig and Axel Werwatz (2008) The Impact of Introducing New Products on Firm Productivity: Evidence from German Manufacturing brief contents
No. 33 Milana, Carlo, Leopoldo Nascia and Alessandro Zeli (2008) Changes in Multifactor Productivity in Italy from 1998 to 2004: Evidence from Firm-Level Data Using DEA brief contents
No. 34 Milana, Carlo (2008) Chain-Consistent Tight Bounds of True Index Numbers of Productivity: An Application to EU KLEMS Data brief contents
No. 35 Castaldi, Carolina (2008) The Relative Weight of Manufacturing and Services in Europe: an Innovation Perspective brief contents
No. 36 O’Mahony, Mary and Fei Peng (2008) Skill Bias, Age and Organisational Change brief contents
No. 37 Mas, Matilde, Carlo Milana and Lorenzo Serrano (2008) Spain and Italy: Catching up and falling behind. Two different tales of productivity slowdown brief contents
No. 38 Wolfl, Anita (2008) Heterogeneity in Producer Price Changes in Business Services brief contents
No. 39 Fouquin, Michel, Laurence Nayman and Laurent Wagner (2008) Vertical Production Networks: Evidence from France brief contents
No. 40 Inklaar, Robert and Marcel Timmer (2008) GGDC Productivity Level Database: International Comparison of Output, Inputs and Productivity at the Industry Level brief contents
No. 41 Van der Wiel, Henry, Harold Creusen, George van Leeuwen and Eugene van der Pijll (2008) Cross your border and look around brief contents
No. 42 Erber, Georg and Reinhard Madlener (2008) Impact of ICT and Human Skills on the European Financial Intermediation Sector brief contents
No. 43 Milana, Carlo (2009) Solving the Index-Number Problem in a Historical Perspective brief contents


Productivity Reports

Van Ark, Bart, Mary O'Mahony and Gerard Ypma (2007), The EU KLEMS Productivity Report, Issue 1, March 2007
Timmer, Marcel, Mary O'Mahony and Bart van Ark (2007), The EU KLEMS Growth and Productivity Accounts: An Overview, March 2007
Timmer, Marcel, Mary O'Mahony and Bart van Ark (2007), The EU KLEMS Growth and Productivity Accounts: An Overview, November 2007
Van Ark, Bart and Pieter Woltjer (2008), The EU KLEMS Productivity Report, Issue 2, December 2008


Core Publications in Journals

Timmer, M., O’Mahony, M., van Ark, B. and Inklaar, R. (2010), The European Economy in Comparative Perspective, Cambridge University Press (in preparation)
van Ark, B., O’Mahony, M. and Timmer, M.P. (2008), “The productivity gap between Europe and the U.S.: Trends and causes”, Journal of Economic Perspectives, vol. 22(1), pp. 25–44
O’Mahony, M. and Timmer, M.P. (2009), “Output, Input and Productivity Measures at the Industry Level: the EU KLEMS Database”, Economic Journal (forthcoming)
Inklaar, R., Timmer, M. and van Ark, B. (2008), “Market services productivity across Europe and the US”, Economic Policy, vol. 23, pp. 141-94
Inklaar, R. and M. P. Timmer (2009), “Productivity Convergence Across Industries and Countries: The Importance of Theory-based Measurement”, Macroeconomic Dynamics (forthcoming)
Inklaar, R. M. P. Timmer and B. van Ark (2007), “Mind the gap! International comparisons of productivity in services and goods production”, German Economic Review, 8(2), pp. 281–307
Inklaar, R. and M. P. Timmer (2007), “Of yeast and mushrooms: Patterns of industry-level productivity growth”, German Economic Review, 8(2), pp. 174–187
Inklaar, R. and M. P. Timmer (2007), “International Comparisons of Industry Output, Inputs and Productivity Levels: Methodology and New Results”, Economic Systems Research, 19(3), pp. 343-364
Inklaar, R. and M. P. Timmer (2008), “Accounting for Growth in Retail Trade: An International Productivity Comparison”, Journal of Productivity Analysis, 29(1), pp. 23-31
Jalava, J. and Pohjola, M. (2008), “The roles of electricity and ICT in economic growth: The case of Finland”, Explorations in Economic History, vol. 45(3), pp. 270-287
Oulton, N. (2007), “Ex post versus ex ante measures of the user cost of capital” Review of Income and Wealth, vol. 53(2), pp. 295-317
Maudos, J., Pastor, J. M. and Serrano, L. (2008), “Explaining the US-EU productivity growth gap: structural change vs. intra sectoral effect”, Economic Letters, vol. 100(2), pp. 311-313
Kratena, K. (2007), “Technical Change, Investment and Energy Intensity”, Economic Systems Research, vol. 19(3), pp. 295-314
Aulin-Ahmavaara, P. and Pakarinen, P. (2007), “Integrated Industry and Economy-wide TFP-Measures with Different Prices in Different Uses”, Economic Systems Research, vol. 19(3), pp. 253-276
O'Mahony, Mary & Vecchi, Michela, (2009), “R&D, knowledge spillovers and company productivity performance”, Research Policy, Elsevier, vol. 38(1), pp. 35-44, February
Broersma, L. And Moergastel, T. van (2007) “A Shortcut Method for Generating Time Series of Input Data for Productivity Analysis”, Economic Systems Research, vol. 19(3), pp. 277-293
Erumban, A.A. (2009), “Rental Prices, Rates of Return, Capital Aggregation and Productivity: Evidence from EU and US”, CESifo Economic Studies, 54(3), pp. 499-533


Press releases and newsletters

The press releases that have been put out by consortium members are stored in the Press Releases and Newsletter Archive. Previous versions of the regular EU KLEMS newsletter can also be downloadabled from this page.

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