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Sydney Afriat and Carlo Milana have published their new book 'Economics and the Price Index'. This book presents itself as a product of the EU KLEMS publications and contains the EU KLEMS working paper no. 3 that has been dedicated to a critical review of the exact and superlative index numbers. The main objective is to find a solution of the classical index number problem that is encountered in every economic aggregation.

Another EU KLEMS working paper has been launched:
-No. 43: Carlo Milana, Solving the Index-Number Problem in a Historical Perspective, (January 2009)



June 2008:

The final EU KLEMS conference will be held on 19 and 20 June 2008 in Groningen. For more information on the conference please visit the conference webpage.

The first set of new country files for the March 2008 release of the EU KLEMS database has been made available on the data section of the EU KLEMS website. Over the following weeks the remaining country files will be made available on a rolling basis. Included in the release are the ‘standard’ and ‘alternative’ aggregation files, as well as detailed labour and capital input files (where available) and an updated source document. The aggregates for country groupings are scheduled for the end of March, when all countries have been included.

Now that an increasing number of publications appear which make more or less intensive use of the EU KLEMS database, we have launched two more items to our publications page. The first item concerns “core publications” from the EU KLEMS team, which take the EU KLEMS database as a focal point of analysis. The second item concerns “Other publications using EU KLEMS data”.

The EU KLEMS consortium has made a proposal for a three volume publication of EU KLEMS work to Cambridge University Press (CUP). The proposal, which can be downloaded here with your internal access code, consists of a first monograph by Timmer et al., a volume with comparative country chapters, and a volume with research papers.

January 2008:

A comprehensive overview of the contents and policy significance of the EU KLEMS project was provided in a recent publication by the Economic and Financial Affairs department of the European Commission. In addition ECFIN Economic Paper 290, discusses a series of analyses which illustrate the usefulness of the project's datasets and its conceptual framework. The paper can be downloaded here.

Furthermore, an article by Jukka Jalava and Matti Pohjola dealing with the roles of electricity and ICT in Finish economic growth has been accepted by the Exploration in Economic History. The research by Jukka Jalava and Matti Pohjola was partly supported by the EU KLEMS project. The article can be found here.

November 2007:

Recently, EU KLEMS work featured prominently in a special issue of Economic Systems Research, the international scholarly journal of the International Input-Output Association (IIOA). EU KLEMS members Pirkko Aulin-Ahmavaara, Lourens Broersma, Robert Inklaar, Dale Jorgenson, Kurt Kratena, Ton van Moergastel and Marcel Timmer contributed papers to a special issue, titled New Developments in Productivity Analysis within an Input-Output Framework. The issue was edited by Pirkko Aulin-Ahmavaara and Marcel Timmer.

On November 6, 2007, the EU KLEMS consortium released the Intermediate EU KLEMS Growth and Productivity Accounts. The intermediate release updates the first release of March this year to 2005, but for a limited number of variables (24). The industry aggregations are similar to the additional files of the March 2007 release and cover a limited number of industries. The data for 2005 and possible revisions for earlier years is mainly based on preliminary data from the national accounts. In addition it provides labour and capital input data consistent with the growth accounts. To go directly to the data portion of the EU KLEMS site click here

Another EU KLEMS working paper has been launched:
-No. 18: Kyoji Fukao and Tsutomu Miyagawa, Productivity in Japan, the US, and the Major EU Economies: Is Japan Falling Behind?, (July 2007)

October 2007:

Jukka Jalava, who has been actively engaged in the EU KLEMS project as part of the Pellervo Economic Research Institute over the past years, has been awarded the 2007 Eino H. Laurila national income medal. In addition to Jukka Jalava, Professor Matti Pohjola of the Helsinki School of Economics, has also been granted the award. The Eino H. Laurila national income medal is awarded in recognition of their noteworthy work in the advancement and improvements of the content and usability of national accounts. The official press release of this event can be found here.

September 2007:

In his speech on productivity in the euro area and monetary policy held for the 22nd Annual Congress of the European Economic Association, the president of the European Central Bank Jean-Claude Trichet has drawn extensively on data of the EU KLEMS database. The text of the speech can be downloaded from this location.

June 2007:

Another EU KLEMS working paper has been launched:
-No. 17: Bernd Goerzig, Depreciation in EU Member States: Empirical and Methodological Differences, (April 2007)

We had excellent coverage of the EU KLEMS project in the Economic Focus section of The Economist of May 17, where they refer to the "The EU-KLEMS Productivity Report", issue 1, March 2007. The whole article can be downloaded from this website.

March 2007:

Four new working papers have been added to the EU KLEMS Working paper series:
- No. 13: Bernadette Biatour, Geert Bryon and Chantal Kegels (2007), Capital Services and Total Factor Productivity Measurements: Impact of Various Methodologies for Belgium
- No. 14: Luc Avonds, Caroline Hamb˙e and Bernhard Michel (2007), Supply and Use Tables for Belgium 1995-2002: Methodology of Compilation
- No. 15: Bernadette Biatour, Jeroen Fiers, Chantal Kegels and Bernhard Michel (2007), Growth and Productivity in Belgium
- No. 16: Marcel Timmer, Gerard Ypma and Bart van Ark (2007), PPPs for Industry Output: A New Dataset for International Comparisons

On 15 March at 14.00 the EU KLEMS Database has been released at the Public Release in Brussels. From that moment onwards the database is available on this website as well. Please use the data-button or this link to go to the March 2007 version of the EU KLEMS Database.

The programs for the Public Release of the EU KLEMS Database and the 4th EU KLEMS Consortium Meeting are definitive now. Some of the papers and presentations can already be downloaded from this website. Registration for both events has been closed now. Please do not forgot your invitation for the Public Release.

A preliminary program is available for the public release of the EU KLEMS Database on 15 March. The release will take place in the Albert Borschette Centre in Brussels.

IMPORTANT: The security rules at buildings of the European Commission require that we deliver a complete list of attendants in advance for the public release of the EU KLEMS Database. If you want to join the meeting and your name is not on this list of attendants, please send an email to Gerard Ypma.

February 2007:

Registration for the Consortium Meeting in Brussels on March 16 and 17 is possible now. The preliminary program and the registration forms are available on the special page for this meeting. Please note that you have to register both for the meeting and for the hotel. Attendance is exclusively for consortium members, outsiders should contact the management first.

The reports of the January meetings are available now. They can be downloaded from the site for the Data-coordination group meeting and the Volume II meeting page.

January 2007:

The Data-coordination group meeting of Thursday 11 January and the Volume II meeting of Friday 12 January have been very succesfull. We would like to thank all participants for their contributions and presence. All presentation and underlying papers have been put on the website. Please note that most documents are password protected.

To facilitate the preparations for the meetings of next week, two special pages have been constructed. All documents relating to the Data-coordination group meeting of Thursday 11 January and the Volume II meeting of Friday 12 January can be downloaded here. Missing documents and presentations will be added as soon as possible.

December 2006:

The EU KLEMS consortium has launched the draft version of the EU KLEMS database. Output files are available for all 25 member states of the European Union and the United States. We do also provide EU-aggregates for the EU-10, EU-15, EU-25, Eurozone and the new member states. Access to the database is restricted to consortium partners.

December 2006:

A new EU KLEMS working paper is available now:
-Matilde Mas (2006), Infrastructures and ICT: Measurement Issues and Impact on Economic Growth, EU KLEMS Working paper no. 12

September 2006:

The management team has provided a number of important dates to write down in your agendas:
-11 January 2007, Novotel Hotel Amsterdam: Data-coordination Group meeting
-12 January 2007, Novotel Hotel Amsterdam: EU KLEMS meeting on drafts for volume II (country studies) and first analysis for EU KLEMS Productivity Report
-15 March 2007, Brussels: Public launch of the EU KLEMS datababase
-16-17 March 2007, Brussels: Consortium meeting on papers for analytical workpackage
Please look at the events site for the complete list or in the 29 September newsletter in the Newsletter archive for more information.

September 2006:

WIIW has organized a succesful workshop at 13 and 14 September for the National Statistical Institutes of Eastern European Countries. The program and presentations of this meeting in Vienna are available now at the special Vienna Workshop page.

August 2006:

As promised in the latest newsletter, two new EU KLEMS Working papers have been launched:
-Gerard Ypma and Bart van Ark (2006), Employment and Hours Worked in National Accounts: A Producer’s View on Methods and a User’s View on Applicability, EU KLEMS Working paper no. 10
-Carlo Milana (2006), Measurement Problems with Non-Invariant Economic Index Numbers of Outputs, Inputs, and Productivity: The Case of Italy, EU KLEMS Working paper no. 11

August 2006:

The EU KLEMS Working Paper series has been extended with a new paper:
Carol Corrado, Paul Lengermann, Eric J. Bartelsman, and J. Joseph Beaulieu (2006), Modeling Aggregate Productivity at a Disaggregate Level: New results for U.S. sectors and industries, EU KLEMS Working paper no. 9

June 2006:

The page for Workpackage 1 contains two new documents:
-Nick Oulton: The Measurement of Output and Prices In the Service Sector
-Kurt Kratena: Deflation of Supply and Use Tables

The third EU KLEMS Meeting in Valencia was very succesful. Most presentations and presented papers have been put on this website and can be downloaded. We are grateful to IVIE and the University of Valencia for their hospitality and the excellent organization of this conference and thank Fundacion BBVA for their financial support.

May 2006:

The final program for the EU KLEMS Consortium Meeting is available now on the special Valencia page.

The third EU KLEMS Consortium Meeting scheduled for 7-9 May in Valencia has been fully booked. There is no possibility to register anymore. The final list with attendants can be downloaded here. Hotel accommodation has been arranged for everyone on this list (except if you have mentioned otherwise). Costs of the hotel rooms in the Astoria Hotel are 122 euro per night for single rooms and 144 euro for double rooms.

March 2006:

The preliminary database of the EU KLEMS project is ready. Please note that under the EU KLEMS contract preliminary data are not for public use. This means the data can not be used in published work or presentations and cannot be distributed to others. All consortium members who are allowed to view the data did receive an email last Friday and can log in from today (27 March) onwards.

The third EU KLEMS meeting is now definitively set for Sunday 7 May until Tuesday 9 May in Valencia (Spain). Participants are expected to arrive on Saturday 6th, so that we can start proceedings on Sunday morning at 10 a.m.. On Saturday night an informal dinner arrangement will be made. We will spend Sunday morning on business and general strategic issues (publication, contacts with NSI's, next activities and all that). The Sunday afternoon and Monday morning will be spent on data issues. We will discuss results from the first dataround, discuss feedback, and spend time on data issues outstanding. Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning will be spent on the analytical workpackages. The final program will be published on this website in due time. The meeting is especially meant for EU KLEMS participants, but if there are places left other interested persons can apply as well by sending a request to attend to

December 2005:

All presentations of the London Workshop on Labour Accounts on 24-25 December are available now. They can be downloaded from the WP2 Workshop page.

A new EU KLEMS working paper is available now:

  • No. 8: Aulin-Ahmavaara, Pirkko and Perttu Pakarinen, Industry Level and Aggregate Measures of Productivity Growth with Explicit Treatment of Taxes on Products, Helsinki School of Economics and Statistics Finland
  • On the first of December the workpackage heads and the EU KLEMS management team have presented the research ideas for the analytical workpackages to the European Commission. Presentations and papers for the workpackages 7-10 can be downloaded (password protected) from the specific workpackage pages.

    November 2005:

    For everyone who was not able to attend the Conference on "The Measurement and Analysis of Innovation and Productivity Growth", which took place in Groningen on 10-11 November, we have collected all papers and presentations. These can be downloaded from the special conference page.

    The EU KLEMS Working Paper series has been extended with two new papers:

  • No. 6: Görzig, Bernd, Martin Gornig and Axel Werwatz, Firm Specific Wage Spread in Germany - Decomposition of regional differences in inter firm wage dispersion
  • No. 7: van Ark, Bart and Robert Inklaar, Catching Up of Getting Stuck? Europe's Problems to Exploit ICT's Productivity Potential

    October 2005:

    We have finished the Final Statistical Roadmap and the Second Statistical Progress Report. Consortium Members can have a look at these documents on the WP6 page. For WP1 Marcel Timmer has constructed a specific Roadmap, which is downloadable at the WP1 page

    As mentioned in the latest Newsletter, we have constructed a more detailed time schedule concerning the preparation of the preliminary version of the EU KLEMS Database.It contains various dates on data delivery, feedback, etc. on WP1-4. Please take notice of these deadlines, as we are working under a very tight schedule.

    Important news for everyone who wants to attend the WP9 Conference on 10-11 November. The registration forms are coming in with large numbers. At the moment there are only 8 places left, so please send your registration form soon if you want to join.

    If you want to attend the Conference on "The Measurement and Analysis of Innovation and Productivity Growth", which takes place in Groningen on 10-11 November, please let us know before 28 October. The registration form can be downloaded from the "How to register" paragraph on the Conference website. Please note that attendees are expected to arrange accommodation themselves.

    Following the Workshop for Workpackage 1 in Groningen, the data delivery guidelines for WP1 have been revised and a number of example files can be downloaded now. We have constructed a special page for the Groningen Workshop, including the full program and all presentations.

    August 2005:

    A new EU KLEMS Working Paper has been issued:
    -Nicholas Oulton, Ex Post versus Ex Ante Measures of the User Cost of Capital (August 2005)

    The page for Workpackage 1 has been extended with notes from Joerg Beutel on the compilation of supply and use tables in basic prices (including numerical examples of transformation models) and Carlo Milana on the valuation of intermediate output.

    The final dates for various workshops have been set now:
    -Workshop on WP1: 15-16 September, Groningen
    -OECD Workshop on Productivity Measurement: 17-19 October 2005, Madrid
    -Workshop on WP10: 10-11 November 2005, Groningen (in cooperation with DIME and TEG)
    -Workshop on WP2: 24-25 November 2005, London
    -the next Consortium meeting takes place in Valencia on 7-9 May.
    More information on the workshops will be provided in due time by the Workpackage heads.

    Registration for the WP1 Expert Workshop in Groningen at 15-16 September closes on 26 August. A list of attendants who have registered already is available on the events page. Furthermore some useful FP 6 documents regarding financial reports have been added to the about EU KLEMS page. This includes a Guidance note on audit certificates, an Excel format of Form C and a proposed format of an audit certificate.

    July 2005:

    The final report of the Helsinki meeting is available now and can be downloaded from the Helsinki meeting page.

    The guidelines for data delivery are available now on the Workpackage pages. Consortium members are invited to provide their comments on this document. Furthermore revised background papers by Nick Oulton (WP3) and Kurt Kratena (WP1) can be downloaded from today onwards.

    June 2005:

    Two new documents for Workpackage 1 have been published: Marcel Timmer has written a revised version> of the paper presented on the Helsinki meeting and Sami Toivola and Antti Pasanen have described the development of interindustry accounts for Finland. The dates for most upcoming events, like the expert workshop on Input-Output Accounts, are available now.

    The special page for the Helsinki meeting contains most of the papers and presentations now. Tomorrow some additional stuff may be added. We expect participants to download and print all information available on the website today (Monday) themselves. Hardcopies of the papers and presentations posted on the website tomorrow or later will also be available at the conference site.

    May 2005:

    Matilde Mas has written a note on public capital, rate of return, and growth accounting. This short document can be downloaded on the WP3 page. Any comments are highly appreciated.

    We constructed a special page for the Helsinki meeting containing the final program and all downloadable papers and presentations. Please send your contributions to before Monday.

    The program for the Helsinki meeting can be downloaded here. A list of the persons that have registered for the meeting is available, hotel accommodation has been arranged for everyone on this list (except if you have mentioned otherwise). Costs of the hotel rooms in the Scandic Hotel are 120 euro for weekdays and 103 euro during the weekends. If you haven't registered yet, but still want to join the meeting, you have to arrange accommodation yourselves.

    If you are planning to attend the EU KLEMS Consortium Meeting in Helsinki, please fill in the registration form and return it before 6 May to Gerard Ypma ( as well as to the local organization in Helsinki, Ms. Jutta Nylund ( You can find a preliminary list of participants here. More information about the hotel is available on the website of the Scandic Hotel in Helsinki.

    The WP3 page has been extended with some useful background papers on the national practices of measuring capital.

    April 2005:

    The Statistical Progress Report (Deliverable 16a) and the Draft of the Statistical Roadmap (Deliverable 2a) have been sent to the European Commission. Consortium partners can view the documents on the WP6 page.

    If you are planning to attend the EU KLEMS Consortium Meeting in Helsinki, please fill in the registration form and return it to Gerard Ypma ( as well as to the local organization in Helsinki, Ms. Jutta Nylund ( Do not wait too long with registering as we have reserved a limited number of rooms in the Scandic Hotel in Helsinki and need to know in time if we need to adjust our reservation.

    The preliminary program and the registration form for the Helsinki meeting in June are available now. Furthermore a new EU KLEMS Newsletter has been launched and can be downloaded from the Press releases and Newsletters Archive.

    A new industry classification proposal for a set of 72 industries to be used in EU KLEMS as well as a motivation of the choices made is available now and can be downloaded from the WP1 page.

    March 2005:

    Two new EU KLEMS Working papers are available and can be downloaded on this website:
    -No. 3: Carlo Milana (2005), The Theory of Exact and Superlative Index Numbers Revisited
    -No. 4: Jukka Jalava, Matti Pohjola, Antti Ripatti and Jouko Vilmunen (2005), Biased Technical Change and Capital-labour Substitution in Finland, 1902-2003

    The Report of the Data-Coordination Group meeting is available now for consortium members. Furthermore another EU KLEMS Newsletter has been released, which can be downloaded from the Press releases and Newsletters Archive.

    The replies from consortium partners to the questionnaires on WP1, 2 and 3 have been placed on this website under WP6 (statistical roadmap). The full SNA 1998 and ESA 1995 descriptions are available as useful background information under WP1 (Input-output tables).

    On the Data-Coordination group meeting of 25 February a number of useful papers has been mentioned. These papers give more insight in issues like employment in National Accounts (WP2), tax credits, transfer costs and software (WP3).

    February 2005:

    The webpage for the Data-Coordination group meeting is available now. Powerpoint presentations and discussion documents can be downloaded here. The workpackage pages of WP1, WP2 and WP3 have been extended with discussion documents, overviews of data availability and background notes. All these documents are password protected.

    The first publications in the EU KLEMS working papers series are available now:
    -no. 1: Mas, Matilde and Javier Quesada (2005), ICT and Economic Growth in Spain 1985-2002
    -no. 2: Jalava, Jukka (2005), Growth and Productivity in the Finnish Trade Industry, 1975-2003: A National Comparative Perspective
    Both papers can be downloaded from the publications page or by clicking the links above.

    January 2005:

    For all Consortium-members: the questionnaires for Workpackages 1, 2 and 3 have to be returned to before 16 January. The questionnaires have been send to the coordinators, but it is also possible to download the file here (password protected).

    Nick Oulton has written a draft paper on ex ante versus ex post measures of the user cost of capital. Anyone's comments are welcome and can be posted on the Discussion forum. If you are not sure how to use the forum, you can also send comments by e-mail to and the webmaster will put them on the forum.

    The next Data Coordination group meeting is planned for Friday 25 February, at the Sheraton Hotel at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. We will start the meeting around 10.30 am (coffee from 10 am onwards) and finish business by 5 pm.
    The next Consortium meeting is definitively set on 9-11 June and will take place in Helsinki.

    December 2004:

    From today onwards the discussion forum can be used. Consortium members can log in with the common username and password and can raise questions, make suggestions and follow discussions. The use of the forum should be rather straightforward, but a short manual can be consulted by first time users.

    The OECD Handbook of Hedonics (WP 1), the OECD Productivity Manual (WP 1), the OECD Capital Manual (WP 3), the Eurostat Handbook on Volume and Prices (WP 1) and the draft of the Eurostat Input-Output Manual (WP 1, password protected) have been put on the EU KLEMS website. Furthermore the WP 1 page also contains links to Input-Output tables publicly available on the web.

    The report of the Consortium Meeting in London is available now. Comments and suggestions can be directed to

    November 2004:

    The EU KLEMS website has been extended with special pages for workpackages. Next to general information and contact persons this pages also contain useful background papers. Suggestions for other papers can be directed to

    The European Commission has released Financial and Reporting guidelines for FP6 Projects. These documents can be downloaded on this website.

    The first press releases for the EU KLEMS project have been put out. We have constructed a special page with a Press Releases Archive.

    October 2004:

    The first EU KLEMS Consortium Meeting has been held in London on 26 and 27 October. The program, presentations and underlying papers will stay available for downloading in the meeting and conference archive.

    The first meeting of the full consortium took place at the National Institute for Economic and Social Research in London on Tuesday 26 October (afternoon) and Wednesday 27 October (all day). Tuesday 26 October served as a business meeting for consortium members only. On Wednesday 27 October the consortium presented and discussed detailed plans and methodological papers with a broader audience.

    The EU KLEMS meeting will be followed by a conference on Information Technology, Productivity and Growth on Thursday 28 October (afternoon) and Friday 29 October (until mid-afternoon). This conference concludes the EPKE (Employment Prospects in the Knowledge Economy) project, in which several of the EU KLEMS consortium members have participated.

    Click here for the program for the EU KLEMS meeting and downloadable papers

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