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Programme 2nd EUKLEMS Consortium Meeting

9-11 June 2005, Helsinki (Finland)

-Final report Helsinki meeting (NEW)

-Downloadable program
-List of attendants

Wednesday 8 June: Informal dinner

19.00-21.00: Welcome reception at the Scandic Hotel Simonkenttä, Pavilion cabinet, 8th floor (sponsored by the Foundation of the Helsinki School of Economics)

Thursday 9 June: (location: Economics Department, Helsinki School of Economics)
(see: It is within only 5 minute walk from the Scandic Hotel located at Simonkatu 9.


09.30 - 10.30: Business Meeting (chair: van Ark) (Presentation)

10.30 - 10.45: coffee break

10.45 - 12.15: Session 1a: Data & Methodology Papers

  • Breakout session on WP1: Supply-Use Tables (chair: Timmer)

  • Marcel Timmer (2005), Paper on application of proposed methodology, RUG (Presentation)

  • Breakout session on WP2 (first half) : Construction of Labour Accounts (chair: O'Mahony)

  • Presentations of country data:
    -United Kingdom and Ireland
    -Eastern Europe


    12.15 - 13.30: lunch break


    13.30 - 15.00: Session 1b: Data & Methodology Papers

  • Breakout session on WP3: Construction of Capital Accounts, including paper on asset life and depreciation estimation (chair: Oulton)

  • -Ana Rincon, WP3 Capital Accounts, Data Availability (Presentation)
    -Bernd Goerzig, Depreciation in EU Member States, (Presentation)
    -Nick Oulton, Ex Post versus Ex Ante Measures of the User Cost of Capital (presentation)

    Background paper for this session:
    Anita Wölfl and Dana Hajkova (2005), Measuring Multifactor Productivity Growth, CEPII

  • Breakout session on WP2 (second half) : Construction of Labour Accounts, including paper on labour quality measures (chair: O'Mahony)

  • O'Mahony, Robinson and Vecchi (2005), Heterogeneity of the labour input: methodological issues in constructing labour quality measures (presentation)

    15.00 - 15.15: tea break

    15.15 - 17.00: Session 1c: Data & Methodology Papers (chair: van Ark)
  • discussion of Statistical Roadmap (Presentation)
  • Timmer and van Ark (2005), Industry-of-Origin Prices and PPPs: A New Dataset for International Comparisons, RUG (Presentation)

  • Evening

    19.00 - 22.00: Dinner for partipants at Taidehallin Klubi, Ainonkatu 3 (restaurant is located just one block away from HSE)

    Friday 10 June: (location: Economics Department, Helsinki School of Economics)


    09.30 - 12.00: Session 4: Preliminary analytical papers on WP8-10 (chair: O'Mahony)

  • paper on WP8: Martin Falk and Yvonne Wolfmayr (2005), The Impact of International Outsourcing on Employment: Empirical Evidence from EU Countries, WIFO (Presentation)
  • paper on WP9: Carolina Castaldi and Bart Los (2005), Do Important Home-Made Innovations Affect Productivity Growth? Some Industry-Level Explorations, RUG (Presentation)
  • paper on WP10: Eric Bartelsman, John Haltiwanger and Stefano Scarpetta (2005), Measuring and Analyzing Cross-country Differences in Firm Dynamics, ESI (Presentation)

    Background paper for this session:
    Dirk Pilat and Anita Wölfl (2005), Measuring the Interaction between Manufacturing and Services, OECD STI Working Paper


    12.15 - 13.30: lunch break and transfer to Bank of Finland


    OPEN SESSION AT BANK OF FINLAND Open session Bank of Finland

    13.30 - 17.30 Session 5: Determinants of Europe's Productivity Revival

    13.30 -13.45 : Opening: Erkki Liikanen, Governor Bank of Finland

    13.45 - 15.45: Four introductory papers (30 minutes each, incl. discussion) (chair: Pohjola):

  • Dale Jorgenson and Khuong Vu (2005), Information Technology and the World Economy, (Presentation)
  • Bart van Ark & Robert Inklaar (2005), Catching-Up or Getting Stuck? Europe's Troubles to Exploit ICT's Productivity Potential
  • Robert Stehrer (2005), Employment Structures in the EU New Member States: The Impact of Output, Productivity, and Structural Change, (Presentation)
  • Chiara Criscuolo (2005), The Contribution of Foreign Affiliates to Productivity Growth: Evidence from OECD Countries, (Presentation)

    15.45 - 16.15 : Break

    16.15 - 17.30: Policy panel:
    Erkki Liikanen (chair), Axel Weber (Bundesbank Germany), Mary O'Mahony (EU KLEMS), Martti Hetemäki (Ministry of Finance, Finland), Jürgen Kröger (DG ECFIN), Robert H. McGuckin (The Conference Board)

    17.30: Reception at Bank of Finland



    Saturday 11 June: (location: Economics Department, Helsinki School of Economics)


    09.30 - 12.00 Session 6: Database Management System (chair: van Ark)
    Discussion of Database Management document and demonstration (Timmer)


    Closing of Conference

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