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Discussion Forum Manual

Approach the forum

You can enter the forum by clicking on the Go to the discussion forum button in the frame on the left or by the following url An 'Enter network' pop-up screen will appear now, for which the usual password and user name can be used. All consortium members have received a user name and password for the restricted parts of this web site. If you cannot find them anymore, please send an email to

Subsequently you can click on 'EU KLEMS' in the blue table, behind the No new postings Posts button. Now you get an overview of all topics. You can view the discussion in a topic by clicking on the name of the topic (for example WP 1: Inter-industry accounts).

Add a message

If you want to join a discussion and enter a message, you can click the Post reply Post reply button. Now you will get a screen in which you can enter your name, a subject (not obligatory) and your message. To send your message to the discussion forum, you need to click the 'Submit' button. It is also possible to review your message in the exact way it will be showed in the topic by pressing the 'Review' button.

It is also possible to start a new topic, in case the subject you want to raise does not fit into one of the existing topics. This can be done by clicking the Add a new topic button and entering your name, a subject (this time obligatory) and the first message or question in the topic.

Do I need to register?

No, it is not obligatory to register. It does however give you a number of advantages:
-you do not need to fill in your name each time when you are posting a reply
-you can change and delete your own messages even after submitting
-there is a possibility to thick the 'Notify me when a reply is posted' box in the post reply screen. You will get an email now if someone enters a message in this topic.
-After logging in you can see if and in which topic new messages have been entered after your last visit. The No new posts Posts button will turn orange New postings if there are new postings since the last time you visited.
-It is possible to receive an email if a new posting appears in the topic you are interested in. This can be done by clicking the 'Watch this topic for replies' link at the bottom of the page. If you are already 'watching' a topic but you do not want to receive e-mails anymore, you can click the 'Stop watching this topic' link.

There is a disadvantage of registering as well. You have to log in twice; first to get to the discussion forum and secondly to log in into the forum with your own user name. This can be improved if you thick the 'Log me on automatically each visit' box in the log in screen. Now you only need to log in once.

How do I register?

This can be done by clicking the Become a registered user register button (the upper right button). The first step is agree with the registration agreement terms. Subsequently a fill-in form appears, of which you only need to fill in the fields with a star (*) in the upper part of the table. Furthermore you have to fill in the time zone, which is standard set on GMT. After pressing the 'submit' button, you are a registered user and will receive automatically an e-mail to remind you of user namername and password.

Other questions

The forum has its own FAQ page, which can be consulted for other questions. This page can be approached with the Frequently asked questions button at the top of all pages. It is of course also possible to address your question to Gerard Ypma.

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This project is funded by the European Commission, Research Directorate General as part of the 6th Framework Programme, Priority 8, "Policy Support and Anticipating Scientific and Technological Needs".

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Last changed on: 28 February 2005