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Meeting and Conference Archive

19-20 June 2008, Groningen: Final External Conference of EU KLEMS

29 January 2008, Frankfurt: EU KLEMS meeting on drafts for volume II (country studies)

29 June 2007, Luxembourg: Presentation by Mary O'Mahony to Committee for Monetary, Financial and Balance of Payments statistics (CMFB)

31 May 2007, Kopenhagen: Conference on productivity

28 May 2007, Rome: Presentation by Dale Jorgenson on Conference on service sector Productivity

15 May 2007, Luxembourg: Presentation by Bart van Ark to National Accounts Working Group at Eurostat

29 March 2007, Brussels: Presentation by Mary O'Mahony for Economic Policy Committee, DG ECFIN

19 March 2007, Frankfurt: Presentation of Bart van Ark on EU KLEMS at the European Central Bank

16-17 March 2007, Brussels: Consortium meeting on papers for analytical workpackage

15 March 2007, Brussels: Public launch of the EU KLEMS datababase

11 January 2007, Novotel Hotel Amsterdam: Data-coordination Group meeting

12 January 2007, Novotel Hotel Amsterdam: EU KLEMS meeting on drafts for volume II (country studies) and first analysis for EU KLEMS Productivity Report

11 December 2006, Helsinki: Meeting on measurement of intangible capital (organized by Jukka Jalava, PTT)

1 November 2006, The Hague: Meeting on KLEMS database for the Netherlands, Statistics Netherlands

17-19 October 2006, Bern: 2nd OECD Workshop on Productivity Programmes of NSI’s

12-13 October 2006, Rome: CEIES Seminar: Are we Measuring Productivity correctly?
with presentations of Susanna Mantegazza (ISTAT), Bernd Goerzig (DIW) and Henry van der Wiel (CPB)

13-14 September 2006, Vienna: Meeting with National Statistical Institutes of Eastern European countries

4-5 September 2006, Helsinki: EU congres on "Labour Mobility in the Lisbon Agenda", Conference by the Economic Council of Finland (EC) and the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) with presentation of Eric Bartelsman

21-25 August, Joensuu (FIN): IARIW meeting
-with presentations of Bart van Ark, Marcel Timmer, Eric Bartelsman and others

17-19 July, Cambridge (US): NBER Summer Institute

8-9 June 2006, Brussels: Project Management Conference

1-2 June 2006, Luxembourg: EPROS Meeting (EU KLEMS Presentation)

22 May 2006, Brussels: Economic Policy Committee (EU KLEMS Presentation)

15-16 May 2006, Luxembourg: National Accounts Working Group (NAWG) meeting at Eurostat (EU KLEMS Presentation)
-Report of the NAWG Meeting

7-9 May 2006, Valencia: Third EU KLEMS Consortium Meeting

1 December 2005, Brussels: Presentation of plans on analytical workpackages (Presentations and papers by workpackage can be downloaded from the specific workpackage pages)

24-25 November 2005, London: Expert workshop on Labour accounts

10-11 November 2005, Groningen: Conference on "Measurement and Analysis of Innovation and Productivity Growth" in cooperation with the DIME and TEG projects

17-19 October 2005, Madrid: OECD workshop on productivity measurement
with EU KLEMS Presentation:
Bart van Ark (2005), THE EU KLEMS PROJECT, Towards an Integrated System of Growth, Productivity and National Accounts for the European Union

15-16 September 2005, Groningen: Expert workshop Input-Output tables

27 June 2005, Luxembourg: National Accounts Working Group Meeting (EU KLEMS Presentation)

9-11 June 2005, Helsinki: Second Consortium Meeting

2 June 2005, Luxembourg: EPROS Meeting (EU KLEMS Presentation)

3-4 March 2005, Tübingen: Meeting KEI (Knowledge Economy Indicators), with a presentation of the EU KLEMS Project (EU KLEMS Presentation)

25 February 2005, Schiphol: Data Co-ordination Group Meeting

11 November 2004, Brussels: Kick-off Meeting FP6 (EU KLEMS Presentation)

10 November 2004, Brussels: Economic Policy Committee (EU KLEMS Presentation)

9 November 2004, Luxembourg: EPROS Meeting (EU KLEMS Presentation)

-26-27 October 2004, London: First Consortium Meeting

-18 June 2004, Schiphol: Data Coordination Group meeting

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This project is funded by the European Commission, Research Directorate General as part of the 6th Framework Programme, Priority 8, "Policy Support and Anticipating Scientific and Technological Needs".

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