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About the EU KLEMS Project

Project Description

This project aims to create a database on measures of economic growth, productivity, employment creation, capital formation and technological change at the industry level for all European Union member states from 1970 onwards. This work will provide an important input to policy evaluation, in particular for the assessment of the goals concerning competitiveness and economic growth potential as established by the Lisbon and Barcelona summit goals. The database should facilitate the sustainable production of high quality statistics using the methodologies of national accounts and input-output analysis. The input measures will include various categories of capital, labour, energy, material and service inputs. Productivity measures will be developed, in particular with growth accounting techniques. Several measures on knowledge creation will also be constructed. Substantial methodological and data research on these measures will be carried out to improve international comparability. There will be ample attention for the development of a flexible database structure, and for the progressive implementation of the database in official statistics over the course of the project. The database will be used for analytical and policy-related purposes, in particular by studying the relationship between skill formation, technological progress and innovation on the one hand, and productivity, on the other. To facilitate this type of analysis a link will also be sought with existing micro (firm level) databases. The balance in academic, statistical and policy input in this project is realised by the participation of 14 organisations from across the EU, representing a mix of academic institutions and national economic policy research institutes and with the support from various statistical offices and the OECD.

The Technical Annex describes the project in more detail.


  • WP 1: Inter-industry Accounts
  • WP 2: Labour Accounts
  • WP 3: Capital Flow Accounts
  • WP 4: Relative Price Levels
  • WP 5: Database Development
  • WP 6: Statistical Roadmap and Statistical Implementation Plan
  • WP 7: Analysis of Labour Productivity, Multifactor Productivity, Prices and Structures
  • WP 8: Labour Markets and Skill Formation
  • WP 9: Technical Progress and Innovation
  • WP 10: Linkages with Micro Databases
  • WP 11: Communication and Dissemination

    Press releases and newsletters

    The press releases that have been put out by consortium members are stored in the Press Releases and Newsletter Archive. Previous versions of the regular EU KLEMS newsletter can also be downloadabled from this page.

    Presentations and other communication tools

  • Summary presentation
  • Presentation for policy purposes
  • Presentation for statistical purposes (updated 24 June 2005)
  • Masterslides for presentations (for consortium members only)

  • Project Description (A4)

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    Year 3
  • -Gerard Ypma and Bart van Ark, Fourth Statistical Progress Report (Deliverable 16d), 15 October 2006
  • -Bart van Ark and Gerard Ypma, Periodic Management Report Year 2, 15 October 2006
        -Part 1
        -Part 2a
        -Part 2b
        -Part 2c
        -Part 2d
        -Part 2e
        -Part 2f
        -Part 2g
        -Part 3
  • -Bart van Ark and Gerard Ypma, Periodic Activity Report Year 2, 15 October 2006

    Year 2
  • -Bart van Ark, Third Statistical Progress Report (Deliverable 16c), 15 August 2006
  • -Gerard Ypma and Bart van Ark, Set of Survey Papers (Deliverable 6), 15 August 2006
  • -Gerard Ypma and Bart van Ark, Second set of data Research Papers (Deliverable 5), 15 August 2006
  • -Bart van Ark and Gerard Ypma, Periodic Management Report Year 1, 12 October 2005
  • -Bart van Ark and Gerard Ypma, Periodic Activity Report Year 1, 12 October 2005
  • -Bart van Ark, Second Statistical Progress Report (Deliverable 16b), 15 October 2005

    Year 1
  • -Gerard Ypma and Bart van Ark, First set of data Research Papers (Deliverable 3), 15 August 2005
  • -Final Statistical Roadmap (Deliverable 2b), 12 October 2005
  • -Draft Statistical Roadmap (Deliverable 2a), 15 April 2005
        -Appendix 2 to deliverable 2a
        -Appendix 3 to deliverable 2a
  • -Bart van Ark, First Statistical Progress Report (Deliverable 16a), 15 April 2005
  • FP6 Guidelines

  • Project Reporting in FP6 (zip-file)
  • Guide to Financial Issues relating to Indirect Actions of the Sixth Framework Programmes (pdf)
  • Form C (Excel sheet)
  • Audit Certificate Guidance Notes FP6 (Word file)
  • Proposed Model Audit Certificate (Word file)
  • Contact information

  • Bart van Ark (coordinator)
    Groningen Growth and Development Centre, University of Groningen
    PO Box 800, 9700 AV Groningen
    Telephone: +31 50 363 3674

  • Reitze Gouma (project administrator)
    Groningen Growth and Development Centre, University of Groningen
    PO Box 800, 9700 AV Groningen
    Telephone: +31 50 363 3675

  • E-mail:

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    This project is funded by the European Commission, Research Directorate General as part of the 6th Framework Programme, Priority 8, "Policy Support and Anticipating Scientific and Technological Needs".

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